Quarterly Update 9, Summer 2017

What’s Quarterly Update 9 all abouten? It just might be worth bumming school for! You’ll learn all kinds of interesting things—like, what a hay sweep is (along with an impressive variety of names for this specific piece of farm machinery.) Find out why it can be attached to horses, a tractor, or some other vehicle, but probably not a buggy. You’ll also learn a whole bunch (fly) of names for those flies that hang out in your house over the winter. And, without an accident, you’ll learn how to make some decent burgoo. Just make sure you don’t put any ackempucky in it! Now head back to school full of this new knowledge. You never know, it just might prove useful afterwhile.  Note: Clickable links have been added to some entries; they will either take you to entries here on our website or to Digital DARE, where subscription-level access may sometimes be necessary to see the full entry.

Headword Part of Speech Update Type
aback adv Revised Entry
abouten prep Revised Entry
ackempucky n Revised Sense, New Sense
afterclap n Revised Senses, New Sense
afterfeed n Revised Entry
aftergrass n Revised Entry
aftergrowth n Revised Entry
afterwhile adv Revised Entry
agee adj, adv New Entry
ahind prep, adv Revised Entry
ahold of adj phr Revised Entry
airified adj Revised Entry
airish adj Revised Senses
attic fly n Revised Entry
buck n1, freq attrib Revised Senses
buck v1 Revised Senses
buck rake n Revised Entry
buck-rake v Revised Entry
bucker n1 Revised Sense, New Sense
bucking pole n Revised Entry
buckwheat fly n Revised Entry
buggy n New Sense
bull rake n Revised Senses, New Sense
bull-rake v New Entry
bum v2 Revised Entry
bump v New Sense, Revised Sense
bunch fly n New Entry
burgoo n Revised Entry
burr n1 Revised Sense
bush n1, v1 New Senses, Revised Sense
corn fly n Revised Entry
finacious adj New Entry
hay buck n Revised Entry
hay bucker n New Entry
hay sweep n Revised Entry
honey fly n New Entry
news bee n Revised Entry
straw bucker n New Entry
sweep rake n Revised Entry
without prep, adv, conj New Sense