buckwheat fly

buckwheat fly n [See quot 1964] NY Cf honey fly n

= cluster fly n 1.

1908 Cornell Univ. College Ag. Cornell Reading-Course Farmers’ Wives new ser 1.35, The cluster-fly or “buckwheat-fly” is a frequent visitor in houses, and is often found congregated in large companies in attics or little-used rooms in the fall or winter. 1952 Post–Std. (Syracuse NY) 7 Apr 4/4, [Letter:] Does anyone know a sure-fire way to rid one’s home of the troublesome buckwheat, cluster or honey fly? 1964 Daily Rec. (Stroudsburg PA) 22 Oct 6/1 cwNY, The cluster fly resembles the house fly, but is slightly larger. . . Crushing the insect results in a messy grease spot and an odor like that of buckwheat honey, hence the name Buckwheat fly. 1968–69 DARE (Qu. R12) Inf NY105, Buckwheat fly = cluster fly, often found in old houses; NY220, Buckwheat fly. 1972 Oneonta Star (NY) 10 Oct 13/7, Our fly of the unused rooms where the sun can penetrate is called a buckwheat fly or a honey fly. 2001 Post–Std. (Syracuse NY) 14 Aug home sec 9/3, [Advt:] Cluster flies—For fall & winter control of cluster or buckwheat flies . . treatment must be scheduled now for $30.00 savings.