bunch fly

bunch fly n NY

= cluster fly n 1.

1913 NY State College Ag. Cornell Univ. Cornell Reading-Course Home 49.9, The Cluster Fly (Pollenia rudis)—A word should be said about the cluster, or bunch, or honey, fly, as it is variously called. . . It is familiar to most housekeepers because of its habit of entering houses in autumn and hiding away in protected nooks and corners in large clusters. 1916 Rural New-Yorker 75.1364, [Letter:] Can you tell me how to rid a house of “bunch” or “honey” flies? . . How do they get into new, apparently tight windows? 1962 W. Lake Co. OH News–Herald (Willoughby) 30 Mar 10/1 cwNY, Buckwheat Flies: Sick of those nasty flies in your attic? These are called bunch or buckwheat flies.