buck-rake v

buck-rake v, hence vbl n buck-raking

To collect and transport (usu hay or straw) with a buck rake n 2.

1921 Farm Implement News 42.27/2, Some hay is buck-raked to the barn, but this method is not recommended for general use. 1930 Corona Daily Independent (CA) 23 June 1/6, The deceased . . was engaged in buck-raking hay in a small field near the ranch home.1941 Cedar Rapids Gaz. (IA) 27 July sec 4 3/7, Mr. Blin combined his grain, buckraked the straw and used a blower in stacking. 1943 Daily Messenger (Canandaigua NY) 13 July 4/1, [Advt:] Tractor work and buck raking. 1950 Warren Times–Mirror (PA) 9 Aug 4/4, Friday, Mr. Upton buck-raked a rattlesnake in a load of hay on the same farm. 1967 MT Std. (Butte)20 Aug sec B 14/2, A bumper crop of hay this season was mowed, windrowed, buckraked and stacked in record time. 1967 DARE (Qu. L11, What . . you do to hay in the field after it’s cut) Inf CO19, Buck-rake—bunch into piles or run into windrows, then bale.