finacious adj chiefly eKY Cf finatially adv

Final, complete; hence advs finaciously, rarely afinaciously finally, completely.

1917 Murdoch Almetta 49 eKY, I landed sittin’ in the top uv a little peach-tree. . . Hit finaciously ruined the tree, but hit never hurt me a grain. 1924 Century Illustr. Mag. 108.447 KY, The hull coon tribe had tucken from tree to tree . . on, tall to taller, till finaciously here hung all Israel of ’em, roostin’ aloft on the dad-tallest onliest tree which topped hits tip above the crust. 1925 Furman Glass Window 169 eKY, I know jest the kind you’d want, and I warn you right now hit ’ll be your finacious ruination! 1963 Mt. Life 39.1.53 sAppalachians, Fust thang he knows he’ll wake up some o’ these hyar mornin’s and find hisself finaciously rurnt. 1978 Hiser Quare Appalachia 136 eKY, Joe took it into his head he’d play one on My Old Man at’d stop his hunting and trapping and fishing afinaciously and forever more.