afterclap n

1 a An unexpected or unpleasant result or sequel to an event or action. [OED3 c1330→] old-fash

1650 (1965) Bradstreet Tenth Muse 185 MA, This is the fore-runner of my Afterclap. 1654 (1974) Johnson Wonder-Working 139, But let N. England beware of an after-clap, & provoke the Lord no longer. 1789 MA Centinel (Boston) 14 Mar 209/1, They reluctantly attest to his merit, only to introduce their afterclap;—that his friends and associates are aristocrats, &c. and that, therefore, he ought to be sacrificed. 1851 (1976) Melville Moby-Dick 90, He got so frightened about his plaguy soul, that he shrinked and sheered away from whales, for fear of after-claps. 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 61, Afterclap. . . Something happening after an affair is supposed to be at an end. 1901 Atlantic Mth. 88.59 ME, But now turn to an’ give us the res’ part o’ the yarn, Skip’ Rufe. I would n’t have Amos here miss hearin’ this kind o’ afterclap, not for a farm down Eas’! 1919 Middletown Times–Press (NY) 25 Jan 1/3, The fighting may be over in Europe, but the afterclap of devastation is not. 1925 Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell MT) 7 Aug 2/3,The afterclap made its appearance Tuesday, when the smoke of a forest fire on the mountain behind the camp curled up, the result of lightning. 1948 Mansfield News–Jrl. (OH) 13 May 6/7, But the afterclap came the next day when their mother was sorting the clothes for the family wash. . . The pocket was half full of worms! 1953 AmSp 28.247 csPA, ‘Make sure there won’t be any afterclap.’ Popular speech. Older residents. 1969 Amarillo Globe–Times (TX) 9 July 38/6, [Syndicated column:] Then came a nasty afterclap for Hoover’s detractors. He disclosed that Kennedy had authorized the King tap.

b Spec: an attempt to alter the terms of a bargain after it has been made. obs

1767 VA Gaz. (Williamsburg) (ed. Rind) 23 July 1/2, [Letter:] Says, Mr. Griffin . . Dr. Lee bid me tell you, he can’t send you pistols, for it is not the custom. I here interrupted him, and with some warmth, said, I looked on this as an afterclap. 1840 (1847) Longstreet GA Scenes 29, I’m a man that, when he makes a bad trade, makes the most of it until he can make a better. I’m for no rues and after-claps. 1843 (1846) Haliburton Attaché (1st ser) 2.227 NEng, I’ll give up and swap even; and there shall be no after claps, nor ruein [sic] bargains, nor recantin’, nor nothin’. 1870 Galveston Daily News (TX) 4 Mar 2/2, Now . . after the State has fully complied with all the requirements, for Congress to come in with an “afterclap” and say we must divide or stay out, would be . . a very positive and evident exhibition of very bad faith. 1872 Schele de Vere Americanisms 577, Afterclap represents in Pennsylvania and the Western States an additional and generally unjust demand beyond the agreement or bargain originally made. “None of your afterclaps!” 1919 Ft. Wayne News & Sentinel (IN) 30 May 8/1, [Advt:] Terms, $10 down, then $2 a week, every penny of which goes to the credit of your purchase price. No afterclaps.

2 By ext:

a Dessert.

1901 Boston Daily Globe (MA) 11 Apr [22]/3 (, Angel cake might do as an occasional afterclap. 1912 Defiance Democrat (OH) [27 July 5]/1 ( NEng, “Any afterclap, Maria?” he asked genially, for that was his term for dessert in any form.

b See quot.

1930 Shoemaker 1300 Words 1 cPA Mts (as of c1900), Afterclap—A child born long after its brothers and sisters.