afterwhile adv [Shortened from adv phr after a while, perh infl by meanwhile] chiefly Sth, Midl

After a while, later.

a1811 in 1888 Hist. Soc. DE Papers 8.14 (as of 1776), I sat in a box alone; but afterwhile Capt. Fortner came to peep in, and seeing an officer in the Coffee house, took me to be a British officer. 1847 Cambridge Reveille (Cambridge City IN) 29 Dec [10]/3 (, Now let us wear an honest smile / And do the best we “kin:”—/ If things grow worser afterwhile / We’ll only try to grin. 1858 Goshen Democrat (IN) 3 Mar 1/5 (as of 1831), A young man . . came into the office and remarked, that afterwhile he wanted “to get a piece in the news,” and would pay for it in maple sugar. 1859 Adams Sentinel (Gettysburg PA) 30 May [2]/4 (, The people will find out afterwhile what kind of an Administration the present Democratic one has been. 1876 Arthur’s Illustr. Home Mag. 44.231 OH, He almost felt that the brand was upon his forehead, to be read of all men. But afterwhile he met friends who could love, and admire, and appreciate him. 1894 Century Illustr. Mag. 48.640 eKY, That collar-button it ’d burn right into my neck, and after while it never quit burnin’ at all. 1913 (1999) Jordan Where Wild Animals 131 swAL, You can hear the Dogs barking every direction and way after while you can hear A gun fire. Ibid136 swAL, Well after while Papa come back and we started for home. 1926 DN 5.392, After while (without a), “Not after while.”—advertisement in Lawrence (Kansas) Journal–World. 1926 Roberts Time of Man 378 cKY, Afterwhile I’ll send for you-all if you’re of a mind to come where I am. 1935 Hurston Mules & Men 128 FL [Black], Well, ’way after while somebody kilt him. c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, After while. . . After a while, in a little while. Very old people said |ˈætɚ|. 1966–69 DARE (Qu. A13, When something needs to be done immediately, . . “I’ll do it _____!”) Inf OH63, Afterwhile, pretty soon; OK25, Directly, afterwhile; NC70, Not afterwhile. Now! 1967 Green Horse Tradin’ 38 MS, I think her mother wants her in heah aftah while for something. 1972 Star–News (Pasadena CA) [29 Apr 13]/5, [Letter:] The fights over bonds and busing were so exhausting, I thought I just couldn’t stand up under any more dissension. Afterwhile, I’d get back on my feet and prepare myself and my family for the next round. 1975 Newell If Nothin’ Don’t Happen 33 nwFL, Me and Tarley went on out to the oyster bars and loaded up the skiff. . . After while Tarley said . . [etc]. 2005 Sun (Lowell MA) 28 Feb 7/4, “You get used to it [=August heat] afterwhile, but at first it was like a punch in the face,” he said. “You drink a ton of water.”