aftergrass n [OED3 1587→; chiefly swEngl dial (cf EDD after prep. 9; 1974 Orton–Wright Word Geog. England Map 97)] scattered Nth, N Midl old-fash

= aftermath n.

1785 PA Packet & Daily Advt. (Philadelphia) 4 Jan 1/2, [Advt:] Four stacks of the best upland after grass. 1825 Amer. Farmer 7.81 eMA, In Massachusetts, at least in its eastern parts, I should think the common pastures do not yield a full bite for more than a month; . . until after the Indian corn harvest, when the mowing fields are opened for the after grass. 1882 Freeport Daily Bulletin (IL) 21 July 1/2, [Advt:] The grass on the fair grounds is offered for sale. . . Also at the same time the after grass and the use of the amphitheater building. 1903 Boston Daily Globe (MA) 26 Sept 14/3, While at the famous old town [=Plymouth MA] a number of the women of the party enjoyed a hay ride. A farmer came along with a rack full of after-grass, and some of the men chartered his wagon. 1931 Chariton Herald–Patriot (IA) 19 Nov sec 1 7/2, [Advt:] Wanted—Stock to pasture. Have 75 acres of corn stalks and after-grass. 1939 LANE Map 125 (Second crop) 5 infs, neME, cNH, Aftergrass. [Commentary:] cwNH, Aftergrass, heard in Chateaugay, N.Y. [Note also 7 infs from New Brunswick, Canada.] 1940–41 Cassidy WI Atlas csWI, Aftergrass. [Inf old] Ibid Fig 112, 3 Infs, ne, cnPA, nwNH, Aftergrass. 1966–68 DARE (Qu. L10, After hay has been cut, then it grows back and you cut it again) Inf NY69, Aftergrass; [ME14, One old person from down east—the provinces—called it aftergrass.] [Both Infs old] 1966 Eve. News (Sault Sainte Marie MI) 15 July 10/1, It probably will affect the hay yield, . . and the aftergrass is stunted already. 1973 Allen LAUM 1.273 cwIA, Only one [of the New England terms for a “second cutting”], aftergrass, appeared in the field interviews—that from an Iowan whose father came from Pennsylvania. 1984 MJLF 10.155 ME, The second cutting of hay, which has more leaves and higher protein rating. Maine: After grass, and used for pasture.