hay bucker

hay bucker n

1 also bucker: = hay sweep n; hence comb bucker load. Upper MW Cf buck v1 B7a, buck rake n 2, hay buck n 1

1888 Reveille (Rolfe IA) 19 July [7]/3 (newspaperarchive.com), [Advt:] A good No. 1 Hay Rack and two Hay Buckers for sale cheap. 1899 Freeborn Co. Times (Albert Lea MN) 28 July 9/2, R. B. Tunnell is well satisfied with the new hay bucker which he purchased from Yoast & Kratchmer. 1905 Cedar Falls Gaz. (IA) [6 Oct 7]/3 (newspaperarchive.com), A. E. Shreffer, of South Dakota, says: “The following is what I believe to be a cheap and practical way to make a bucker, or hay sweep.” 1923 in 2017 (acc) Lexis–Nexis Legal Research State Case Law: SD (Internet), There were also kept at the hay camp about 30 head of horses, and the necessary wagons, water tank, buckers, and other machinery necessary. . . That hay was sometimes hauled in, in large bucker loads, across the two fire guards. 1948 Daily Republic (Mitchell SD) 16 Feb 10/6, [Advt:] Horse hay bucker; hay stacker; Lentz manure loader; tractor hay bucker. 1967 DARE (Qu. L16, Machines used . . in handling hay) Inf MN4, Hay buckers or loader type of stacker—used with loose hay. 1970 Bemidji Daily Pioneer (MN) 12 June 6/2, [Advt:] Help wanted: One or two men with tractor and hay bucker to stack loose hay by the stack.

2 See bucker n1 5.