sweep rake

sweep rake n

= hay sweep n.

1891 Homestead 3 July 18/3, [Advt:] The New Dain Sweep Rake—Embodies all the “new features” such as metal pointed teeth, trussed frame, tubular steel axle, automatic seat, hinged backing arms, etc. . . Dain Mfg. Co., Carrollton, Missouri. 1908 Republic Co. Democrat (Belleville KS) 1 July 1/5, You may imagine his delight when Helen Shimek and her friend Pansy Houdek of Cuba volunteered to drive the sweep rake for him. 1917 Bedford Gaz. (PA) 22 June 3/1, Eastern hay growers . . can get along with fewer men and can reduce the cost of haying by using the sweep rake. . . Any boy capable of driving a pair of horses can operate a sweep rake and handle considerably more hay in a given time than a man pitching by hand. 1946 Atchison Daily Globe (KS) 2 Sept 7/5, [Advt:] One Horse Drawn Sweep Rake—One Tractor Drawn Sweep Rake. 1959 U.S. Dept. Ag. Farmers’ Bulletin 1740.13, In the Pacific Coast States the most common way of harvesting vetch at present is to use an ordinary mower with a windrower attachment. The windrower . . rolls the vetch in a swath to the outside and leaves the way clear to cut the next swath. The vetch is put at once into shocks with a buck rake, or sweep rake, and remains there until threshed. 1966–70 DARE (Qu. L16, Machines used . . in handling hay) Infs ND9, WA1, Sweep rake; CO44, Go-devil was Kansas for sweep rake; IL104, Sweep rake—two horses; KY75, Sweep rake—old-fashioned—ten feet wide; a horse on each side pulled it to pick up shocks and carry them to a baler; MN16, Sweep rake—for loose [hay]; WY1, Sweep or buck rake. 1972 Examiner (Independence MO) 18 May 6/5, After World War II and the invention of the pickup baler, sweep rake sales took a tremendous drop. 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance, 1 inf, cwTN, Sweep rake—pulled by mules. 2004 DARE File—Internet IA, Soo Tractor Sweep Rake—2550 Hawkeye Drive, Sioux City.