bum v2, hence vbl n bumming [bum to loaf] chiefly wGt Lakes old-fash

To play hooky; to skip (school).

1895 Adams Co. Free Press (Corning IA) 24 Jan 1/2, The provisions of the new compulsory school attendance law in New York are sharp. . . There will be but little “bumming” from school in New York hereafter. 1921 Bessemer Herald (MI) [4 May] 2/3, Another thing we must do away with is “bumming” school. 1930 Capital Times (Madison WI) 24 Sept 13/5, One of the boys inveigled the other two to “bum” school in order to go to a show. 1932 Farrell Young Lonigan 299 Chicago IL, He bummed from school and met Weary and Paulie. They went over to Washington Park. 1966–69 DARE (Qu. JJ6, To stay away from school without an excuse) Inf IL97, Bum; MI32, Bummed; MI93, Bum school. 1973 Allen LAUM 1.378 MN, Several singletons appear in the U[pper] M[idwest]: . . was bumming from school. 2002 Lindquist Place to Stand 97 Chicago IL, [M]y high school career was a disaster. I . . screwed around, chased the girls, bummed school, went to the world’s fair . . you know.