ackempucky n Also u(c)kempucky, u(c)kumpucky, ukkumpucky Also sp akempucky, a(c)kumpucky [Etym unknown]

1 Any of various usu sticky liquid or pasty substances; “gunk”; also fig.

1934 KS Acad. Sci. Trans. 37.177, The greatest difficulty occured at the arm joints, which were sealed with a wax called “ackumpucky.” 1944 ADD WV, Ackempucky. . . a Any food mixture of unknown ingredients. c.1928 w.cent.W.Va. Charleston. b A food of jellylike consistency, as gelatine. 1943 n.W.Va. Monongalia Co. 2004 in 2014 DARE File—Internet TX, Must we rely on some ackempucky (thread sealant compound), or does the seacock have a sealing face at the top of its thread to mate with the end of the thru-hull? 2007 DARE File nwMO, This comes from an old lady from northwest Missouri, born c. 1900 and raised in a rural town whose residents hailed from NC and thereabouts. Ackumpucky refers to any kind of “smelly-good” given as a gift, like cologne, after shave, perfume, etc. 2007 in 2017 DARE File—Internet AL, Just remember you will have to deal with the Dreaded Black Ukkumpucky to get the guts out of the cans. 2009 in 2014 Ibid FL,The old purged material looked orange and the bowls contained thick “uckempucky”, just horrible sludge on the bottoms where I expected clear fluid for being only two years old. Ibid neFL, After about 10 minutes of getting lots of detail from the briefer and wandering over to the radar display to see the uckumpucky in the sky, I changed the plan to go to Daytona instead. Ibid WA, When we were contracted to build boats for a Disney attraction, we used a filler we called “Akumpucky” which was a mixture of mill fibers and epoxy. 2009 in 2017 DARE File—Internet KS, Definitely use some veggie oil, spray some PAM or some other sort of uckumpucky on the friction surfaces. 2010 in 2014 Ibid neIN, Mom used a lot of odd words which I thought were “homemade” or words peculiar to our family. . . For example, she used the work “ackempucky” to describe a gooey mess such as wallpaper paste. 2012 Ibid AR, I got off all the ugly green ukumpucky and scratch marks with my trusty rubber rust eraser which surprised me by working great on the verdigris. 2016 in 2017 DARE File—Internet cwMO, That ukempucky you cleaned out of the pan was clutch material. 2017 Ibid MA, One of my Father-in-law’s favorite expressions when something was stuck—I just need a dab of akempucky on that.

2 Vigor, spunk. Cf jism n

1949 Mason City Globe–Gaz. (IA) [8 Nov 8]/1 (, [Strickland Gillilan column:] That old law of yours. . . It had more on the ball, more genuine ackempucky (a word that originated in your southern Ohio) than any other enactment congress ever accomplished.