agee adj, adv Also sp ajee [Scots, nEngl, nIr dial; cf OED3 ajee, EDD agee]

1 Askew, out of square.

1859 (1968) Bartlett Americanisms 4, Ajee. Askew; as “to have one’s hat ajee.” 1975 (2008) Gainer Witches 6 sAppalachians, Ageé (adj.), awry. “That span of rail fence is all ageé.”

2 Ajar.

c1833 in 1897 Barrère–Leland Slang 1.20 sePA, You quite forgot, behind the door,/ When it was left agee,/ I caught you hugging Mrs. ——,/ Your heart quite full of glee. 1882 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 64.924 S Midl, I stepped outside o’ the door, leavin’ it ajee.