straw bucker

straw bucker n obs Cf buck v1 B7a, bucking pole n

A member of a threshing crew who collects the straw using a buck rake n 2.

1888 St. Albans Daily Messenger (VT) 24 Nov [4]/3 ND, Then there are the engineer, the fireman, the waterman, the “straw bucker,” who with two mules and a pole removes the straw accumulating before the [threshing] machine, a barn man . . , and the cook and his assistant. 1921 Through Leaves 9.53 ceND (as of c1890), The crew for each outfit at threshing time consisted of a separator man, three feeders . . , two band cutters, an engineer, a fireman, two spike pitchers, a straw bucker and teamsters, teams and field pitchers sufficient to keep the machine in grain. 1933 Helena Independent (MT) 6 Jan 6/2, Joseph Schultz, old time “straw-bucker” and farm hand, passed away at the county hospital on Sunday.