Quarterly Update 6, Fall 2016

Has waiting for Quarterly Update 6 kept you up all night with the blare eye? Or was it those pesky boo-daddies and boo-hags? Or perhaps it was that noisy baby face right outside your window, stinky civic cat lurking in the yard, or a black duster rolling in from Texas? We can’t claim this update is the cure, as it is full of boogery critters and creatures that might keep you blare-eyed—unless, of course, you are tougher than a boiled owl! Note: Clickable links have been added to some entries; they will either take you to entries here on our website or to Digital DARE, where subscription-level access may sometimes be necessary to see the full entry.

Headword Part of Speech Update Type
ash bush n New Entry
baby face n New Sense
bait n2, also attrib Revised Sense
black duster n Revised Entry
black jacket n Revised Entry
black man n Revised Sense
black martin n Revised Entry
black viper n Revised Entry
blankie-lie-low exclam, n Revised Entry
blare v Revised Senses
blare eye n New Entry
blare-eyed adj Revised Entry
blare-eyed herring n New Entry
blow sand n Revised Entry
blue grama n New Entry
bob house n Revised Entry
body n New Sense
bog n Revised Entry
bogtrotter n Revised Senses
boiled dish n Revised Entry
boiled owl n Revised Senses
boo-daddy n Revised Sense, New Sense
booger v Revised Senses
boogerish adj Revised Sense, New Sense
boogery adj Revised Senses
boo-hag n New Entry
boot n2 Revised Sense
buckwheat pine n Revised Entry
buffalo gnat n Revised Sense
bull grape n Revised Entry
bull kelp n Revised Entry
bullet grape n Revised Entry
bullnozer n New Entry
bumbee n Revised Entry
cabbage pine n Revised Entry
calico-back n Revised Sense
California lion n Revised Entry
channeler n New Entry
civet cat n Revised Senses
civic cat n New Sense, Revised Sense
civvy cat n Revised Entry
duster n Revised Sense
say-so n Revised Entry