bob house

bob house n [From bob to jig (for fish)] NH

An ice-fishing shanty.

1911 Portsmouth Herald (NH) 30 Jan 2/2, A burning bob house on Lake Winisquam . . made one of the most spectacular and unique fires that have been seen hereabouts for many a day. 1922 Boston Sun. Globe (MA) 5 Feb mag sec 10/4 NH, She has a “bob” house, which is the latest word in comfort—a small shanty, wind tight, with windows to admit light, and a large oil heater to make things comfortable when the mercury tumbles. . . When the weather is milder, Mrs. Burpee moves her fishing outfit out of the shack to the open, and sits on her stool “bobbing” by the hour. 1954 People and Places 11.9.21 (Hench Coll.), There’s a whole cult of anglers, up in New Hampshire, who never wet their lines until the ice on Lake Winnipesaukee is thick enough to hold their “bob houses.” 1974 Yankee Jan np NH, For days I snowshoed from one bobhouse (these are little huts and cabins put on the lake for ice fishing) to another asking about the man. 2014 Jrl. Tribune (Biddeford ME) 1 Apr 1/2 NH, Outside the cozy shop last week, it was 24 degrees, the wind was cutting and bobhouses still squatted on frozen Lake Winnesquam.