body n Pronc-spp chiefly wNC, wVA bidy, bydee

A Forms.

1898 in 1975 Dunbar Dunbar Reader 104 [Black], I nevah did hyeah dat befo’: but den a bidy got to learn new things ez long ez dey live. 1941 in 1991 Barden VA Folk Legends 205 swVA, These same two robbed uh feller later an’ kilt him an’ wuz hidin’ his bidy unner uh little wood bridge when uh woman comin’ down thuh road seed ’em. 1969 NC Folkl. 17.31 wNC, For years he simply waded into the dewy patch and . . sometimes there wasn’t a dry thread on his bidy. 2005 Williams Gratitude 483 wNC (as of 1940s), Bydee: body.

[. . .]