California lion

California lion n West, chiefly CA

= mountain lion n.

1850 Deseret News (Salt Lake City) 29 June 17/2 (DA), It is reported that the California lion has been seen, yes killed, in this valley, but who can show us one, or even a stuffed skin? 1886 Centralia Sentinel (IL) 18 Mar [3]/5 ( cwCA, (Contra Costa (Cal.) Gazette.) . . Two Oakland sports were hunting quail in San Pablo Canyon. . . [A] large buck bounded into the creek almost at their side. . . At the heels of the deer appeared a California lion. 1895 Land of Sunshine 2.81/1 CA, The American lion is felis concolor—the puma, cougar, mountain-lion or California lion. 1908 Johnson Highways Pacific Coast 212 nCA, Right there at the hotel they sometimes would hear a California lion roar, or the coyotes yelping. 1914 Applegate Recollections 86 OR (as of 1843), The deep basso growl of the gray mountain wolf was heard of nights, as also the scream of the. . . California lion. 1931 Woodland Daily Democrat (CA) 28 Nov 1/5, Hunting for quail in the bottom lands north of here, Claude Adams, Marysville butcher, was astonished to see a California lion crawl out of the brush. 1951 Daily Rev. (Hayward CA) 12 Feb 6/3, [Caption:] Sidney Snow . . feeds a young California lion. 1968–69 DARE (Qu. P31), [Inf CA120, California mountain lion;] NV8, Mountain lion or California lion. 2014 DARE File—Internet cwCA, Saving the Puma. . . “Oakland Zoo has made a strong commitment to the California lion.”