boogerish adj Also buggerish Cf booger n, v, boogery adj

1 Spooky, threatening, unpleasant. chiefly NEng, Sth, S Midl

1887 Rand Fighting the Sea 108 NEng, You would have got along, though they do tell some boogerish stories about those rocks. 1888 Shaw Pot of Gold 83 Long Is. NY, We wuz mighty afeard, you see . . —the thoughts o’ what become o’ that fifth man wuz boogerish; so we put for hum. 1906 Audubon Co. Jrl. (Exira IA) 29 Mar [4]/2, Will Deets was jogging quietly along in his buggy . . , when the team saw some thing that looked “Boogerish” to them and went tearing away like Tam O’ Shanter’s mare. 1907 DN 3.182 seNH, Boogerish. . . Uncanny; suggestive of bogies. 1934 Nocona News (TX) 18 May [2]/3 (, Some glasses look “boogerish” on real comely people. 1938 Rawlings Yearling 223 FL, Hit looks mighty boogerish. 1967 Will Dredgeman 18 FL, A right boogerish place, this dark swamp looked to be, for sure, plumb creepified! 1974 Salt 1.1.28 swME, If it’s raining and there’s strong wind with the sea going, Milt Maling will say “it’s some buggerish out there.” If it’s foggy you don’t say it’s foggy. You say “it’s thick a-fog.” 1989 Foxfire 23.154 cnGA, They think of him as a boogerish looking thing, but you wouldn’t follow a devil if he had horns and everything else on.

2 Skittish, inclined to shy.

1894 Centralia Daily Sentinel (IL) 12 Sept [2]/5 (, Our citizens are always buggerish of any new enterprise that is talked of. 1975 Appalachian Jrl. 2.159 wNC, A skittish or boogerish horse scares easily. 1977 in 2016 (acc) Lexis–Nexis Legal Research State Case Law: TX (Internet), Mr. Farley said he [=a horse] . . was “boogerish, snaky, broncish, and ill-tempered”; that he would “jump out from under you when a covey of birds would fly up”, or would “booger” at such things as a rabbit, or bicycle, or vehicle.