boo-daddy n

1 = booger n 1. chiefly SC Cf boo-hag n

1888 Thomasville Times (GA) [25 Aug 2]/4 (, Now I am a friend to the manufacturer, and I am enthusiastic about Augusta, but I don’t believe in scaring people with boo-daddies; rather I am a friend to myself, too, and to my neighbor, who consumes rather than makes. 1891 State (Columbia SC) 21 Mar 1/6, Thought He Was a Boodaddy.—A Panic in a Colored School of Charleston.—The Appearance of a Reformed Fiji Cannibal in His Savage Costume Frightens the Children, Who Rush for Doors and Windows. 1913 Ibid 21 Mar 4/6, Why, the wild man of Lanes [SC] was made out to be a regular boo-daddy, that would not only frighten children, but make cold chills run down the backs of grown-ups. 1942 Murray Here Come 245 coastal SC [Gullah], Tyra Ann knew that the hill was haunted by boo-daddies, boo-hags, and plat-eyes.

2 = booger n 3.

1987 Kytle Voices 161 NC [Black], He hadn’t had good hometraining and he was always picking boo-daddies out of his nose and I didn’t want him in the kitchen.