[Note: This headword was previously a variant at boo-daddy.]

boo-hag n Also booga hag SC Cf boo-daddy n 1, booger n 1

= hag n 1.

1938 FWP Ocean Highway 204 SC, Hamilton’s Hill . . is known for a wide variety of ghosts including . . boo-daddies, boo-hags, and drolls. 2005 Kidd Mermaid Chair 87 SC [Gullah], I . . rapped on the door . . which was the same shiny indigo as the door in front. The blue was supposed to scare away the Booga Hag—a haunting spirit said to suck the soul out of you during the night. 2006 in 2016 DARE File—Internet, Ballad of the Boo Hag. . . Twelve-bar blues with a twist or two; narrates a ghost story I was told as a child by an old Gullah grandmother. . . Lyrics: Boo hag comin’ to get me / Oh, no, she won’t leave me alone / . . . / Root doctor tell me to trick her / Put a pair of brooms by the bed / . . . / Boo hag ain’t gonna steal my breath / She gots to count the straws instead. 2016 Island Events Jan–Feb 26 csSC, Local Gullah storyteller Louise Miller Cohen . . has tales of Booga Hags and supernatural “hot spots” where your hair will stand on end, but hadn’t heard the term “haint blue” growing up here. 2016 NY Times (NY) 29 Oct (Internet) Sth, In the South we have a legend about a wife, a witchy woman called a boo hag, who can unzip her corporeal body and hang it up like a coat. Without the encumbrance of her skin, she can fly around freely in the night sky, at least until her husband wakes up to find that uninhabited skin.