bullnozer n Also sp bullnoser [Folk-etym of bulldozer] esp sAppalachians

A bulldozer; hence verbs bullnoze, bullnose to bulldoze.

1951 Cattleman116 TX, Unique among vocabularies is Mary’s—“hens set on ‘nesties,’ . . the farm bulldozer is a ‘bullnozer’ and January becomes ‘Janjuary.’” 1968 in 2015 DARE File, They are hacked out by bulldozers (called “bullnosers” in the mountains). 1975 Gainer Witches 7 sAppalachians, They can make a sight of a road with that bullnozer. 1991 S. Rev. (Baton Rouge LA) 27.331 sAppalachians, T.J. had bullnosed a new road for the trailer park. Ibid 333, I could hear the bullnoser rev up and then quiet down, screech into reverse, lurching and grinding like a tank. 1996 Woodring Window to Times 8 nwNC, I think some of them Sluder boys over there, bullnozed the grave. 1999 in 2016 DARE File—Internet cnNC, The FE is a low rpm curve big block engine. . . The majority of the FEs had peaked at about 3600 rpms, and they’ll pull like a bullnozer. 2011 Daily News–Rec. (Harrisonburg VA) 9 July sec D 5/8, [Advt:] Child’s push yellow bullnozer, good condition. 2011 in 2016 DARE File—Internet cnNJ (as of c1970), I remember the late-Dover Police Chief. . . He once told us he would clean up a troubled neighborhood “even if we have to get a bullnozer to mow it down.”