boiled dish

boiled dish n Also boil dish

= boiled dinner n.

1762 in 1890 Dedham Hist. Reg. 1.148 ceMA, Very unlucky at Dinner for attempting to move the Table nearer the Fire we over sett a fine boiled Dish & broke several things. 1847 Boston Med. & Surgical Jrl. 37.75, He took for his dinner what is usually called a “boiled dish,” eating sparingly of meat, but rather freely of vegetables. 1858 Johnson Peasant Life Germany 331, We have never seen what in New England is called a boiled dish, consisting of boiled beef, pork, tongue, and all garden vegetables. 1907 DN 3.182 seNH, Boil-dish. . . New England boiled dinner. 1959 VT Hist. 27.133 neVT, Boiled dish. . . A boiled dinner made of meat, cabbage, carrots, and potatoes cooked together. Common. Caledonia [County]. 1967 DARE (Qu. H49, Dishes made by boiling potatoes with other foods) Inf NY21, Boiled dish.