blue grama

blue grama n West

A grama grass n 1 (here: Bouteloua gracilis, formerly B. oligostachya). Also called black grama n 1, buffalo grass n e, short grass n, white grama n 2

1858 Friend 31.372 nAZ, Singular to say, the volcanic rock was carpeted with the most luxuriant blue gramma grass, affording food for animals as nutritious as oats. 1872 Bourke Diary 15 Dec AZ, Hills to-day well grassed with blue + white gramma. 1886 U.S. Natl. Museum Proc. 8.528, Common or Blue Grama . . grows everywhere throughout Texas, wherever grass can fairly grow. 1894 Jrl. Amer. Folkl. 7.104 NE, Bouteloua oligostachya . . blue grama grass. 1927 Mexia Daily News (TX) 13 July 7/2 nAZ, Blue grama grass, one of the most valuable forage grasses on the Southwestern ranges, will thrive if overgrazing is avoided. 1937 Twin Falls News (ID) 21 Sept 8/7, Following is a table showing the relative palatability of principal forage species . . during the period 1932–35: . . Dropseed . . Blue grama . . Blue grama (spring use) . . Black sage [etc]. 1981 Roswell Daily Rec. (NM) 12 Mar 26/4, [Headline:] Spring burning hikes protein in blue grama. 2006 Egan Worst Hard Time 112 OK, The short grass, buffalo and blue grama, had evolved as the perfect fit for the sandy loam of the arid zone.