black martin

black martin n old-fash? Cf blue martin n

= purple martin n.

1792 Belknap Hist. NH 3.173, Black Martin, Hirundo purpurea. 1826 Essex Reg. (Salem MA) 29 June [2]/5, We learn from Gloucester, that all the black martins and great numbers of swallows, have died at that place within a few days. 1893 Lock Haven Eve. Express (PA) 19 Aug 1/2, The big flock of black martins that find a home every summer in the boxes under the awning at P. P. Rittman’s . . have gone south to spend the winter. 1895 Minot Land-Birds New Engl. 150, Purple Martin. “Black Martin.” . . “Lustrous blue black; no purple anywhere.” 1917 Wilson Bulletin 29.2.84, Progne subis.—Big, black, house, or large martin, Hickman, Ky. 1940 SW Times (Pulaski VA) 7 Feb 3/4, Several black martins, cardinals, sparrows, a host of snow birds, three doves and several blue birds have been regular visitors. 1965 Kerrville Mt. Sun (TX) 11 Aug sec 3 1/8, The black martins have been gone for several weeks, and stayed later than usual this year. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. Q14) Infs GA1, 65, IA29, KY9, LA29, MD42, 45, OH49, VA57, Black martin; (Qu. Q11) Inf NC54, Black martin. [9 of 10 Infs old] 1969 Longstreet Birds FL 102, Purple Martin. Other names: Black Martin. . . The entire body of the male is covered with blue-black feathers that have a purple tint when rays of light shine on them.