blue martin

blue martin n esp Sth, Missip Valley

= purple martin n.

1845 Amer. Whig Rev. 1.374 KY, The Blue Martin and we knew each other’s faces Spring in and Autumn out; for many a friendly and familiar gossip had we held together from our attic window. 1887 Daily Eve. News (Jeffersonville IN) 19 July [4]/5 ( FL, The shower is over, . . then morn awakening in fiery grandeur, with the mocking-bird and blue martins. 1924 Frederick Post (MD) 1 Sept 8/2, The blue martin, colonizing in boxes of man’s provision. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. Q14, . . Other names . . for . . [the] martin) 17 Infs, esp Sth, Missip Valley, Blue martin; (Qu. Q20) Infs MI23, NY100, VA43, Blue martin. 1973 Flach Yankee German-America 86 csTX, Houses on long poles, fastened to the fence, were for blue martins and swallows that came every year. 2011 Jacksonville Daily News (NC) 23 Apr 45/6, Blue martins, for example, prefer large, open fields.