blow sand

blow sand n

Wind-driven or drifted sand.

1906 Moberly Daily Monitor (MO) [13 Sept 2]/4 (, [Advt:] Remember the Panhandle country is not all alike. . . Our lands are in the cream of that country. Shallow water and it [sic] good. Yellow and red clay, sub-soil and no blow sand. 1912 Delphi Jrl. (IN) 2 May [5]/3 (, An impression is widely extant that Michigan is a synonym for dreary wastes of pine stump-clad ridges and bluffs of “blow-sand.” 1925 U.S. Dept. Ag. Farmers’ Bulletin 1453.7, Scotch pine has shown great ability to grow well during youth upon some of the poorest bare, sandy soils, blow sand in particular, in the eastern United States. 1958 Julian Apple Day [18] csCA, Same with Montezuma’s gold. All you have to do is move a couple of skillion ton of blow sand. 1967 TX Observer (Austin) 7 July 3/3, Most of the drive-in movies are piled high with tumbleweeds and blow sand. 2000 WI State Jrl. (Madison) 5 June sec B 1/4, Nolden is still contending with piles of “blow sand” from a terrific sandstorm in 1948 that left sand heaped three feet deep along the fence rows. 2011 Proulx Bird Cloud 168 WY, The humans followed migratory animals, understood the growth stages of plants, perhaps coming to the wetlands below Bird Cloud’s cliff . . to gather wild grains where the Indian ricegrass still grows in the blow sand on the north side of the property.