duster n

1  A dust storm. chiefly Plains States, SW Cf black duster n

1935 Dly. Oklahoman 7 April 1/4 (heading) (DA), New Duster May Blanket State Today. 1941 Daniels Tar Heels 188 NC, I had followed the progress of the big duster from its point of origin in northeastern New Mexico, on into the Ohio Valley, and had every reason to believe it would eventually reach Washington. 1944 PADS 2.55 cnMO, Duster. . . A sandstorm. 1948 Dallas Morning News (TX) 5 Dec Book Sec 4/1, Another series of “dusters” may be imminent. 1956 Abilene Reporter–News (TX) 9 Apr 1/4, A black duster, borne on winds of up to 78 miles an hour, raged down from the Panhandle southwestward across Texas. . . The Amarillo weather bureau called the duster the second worst in its history, being surpassed only by one in February, 1936. 1962 Atwood Vocab. TX 77, Duster. . . A heavy sandstorm. Recorded in the Panhandle. 1966 DARE (Qu. B18, . . Special kinds of wind) Inf NM1, Duster—a dust storm. 2006 Egan Worst Hard Time 255 (as of 1936), It was drought and dusters that chased them out of the rest of the prairie, particularly in three states: Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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