civic cat

civic cat n [By assim < civet cat n]

1 = ring-tailed cat n.

1892 Rio Grande Republican (Las Cruces NM) 11 Nov 1/2, W. L. Riggs and N. Q. Patterson . . have undertaken to make a collection of New Mexican wild animals to exhibit at the Columbian exposition. . . The lot includes a black bear, an elk, several deer, a wild cat, a badger and a live civic cat.

2 = spotted skunk n. West of Missip R

1899 Sioux Valley News (Correctionville IA) [23 Mar 3]/4 (, Mr. Twogood . . captured a civic cat, an animal quite rare here. 1910 Hunter-Trader-Trapper 20.2.155, [Advt:] Special High Prices for all Northern Furs. . . Small packages, 4 pounds or less, except skunk and civic cat, can be sent by mail. . . Marshalltown, Iowa. 1927 Commerce Jrl. (TX) 2 Dec [3]/3 (, For the purpose of this act . . wild ring-tail cat, . . wild polecat or skunk, . . wild civic cat, are hereby declared to be fur-bearing animals. 1956 Ker Vocab. W. TX 196, Civic cat [2 infs]. 1966 DARE (Qu. P26, . . Skunk) Inf WA18, Civic [ˈsɪˌvɪk] cat. 1971 Bright Word Geog. CA & NV 185, Civet (civic / civvy) cat 13% [of infs, rural areas]. . . This was described as smaller than skunk or polecat, which were generally considered synonymous, although a few thought skunk the larger of the two. 1977 Rock Valley Bee (IA) 27 Oct sec A 11/3, There is . . a continuous closed season on otter and civic cat (spotted skunk).