Quarterly Update 7, Winter 2017

Quarterly Update 7 invites you to come on down to the bowery dance! Pennsylvania is bringing some boilo, the upper Great Lake states are making some booya, Louisiana’s got the mason bream ready for frying, and the Rocky Mountain states are putting up the bowery. . . or perhaps just reserving one? [This entry has an intriguing history and evolution of both sense and regional patterns.] Still not convinced to leave your boar’s nest? Rumor has it North Carolina (and other South Atlantic friends) might lead us in one or two games of ain’t no bears (or boogers!) out tonight. And we overheard Texas say, “Boy hidy, this update’s
gonna’ be fun!”

Note: Clickable links have been added to some entries; they will either take you to entries here on our website or to Digital DARE, where subscription-level access may sometimes be necessary to see the full entry.

Headword Part of Speech Update Type
ain’t no bears out tonight n Revised Entry
ain’t no boogers out tonight n New Entry
black bream n Revised Entry
blue root n New Entry
boar’s nest n Revised Senses, New Sense
boilo n New Entry
boogalee n Revised Entry
boogerbear n Revised Sense, New Senses
booya n, also attrib Revised Entry
bottomy adj New Entry
bow v1 Revised Entry
bow up v phr Revised Senses, New Senses
bow up one’s back v phr Revised Sense, New
bowery n1 Revised Entry

bowery dance
n Revised Entry
bowsplit n New Entry
boy howdy exclam New Entry
braid v New Entry
branch lettuce n Revised Entry
bread and with it n Revised Entry
camel cricket n Revised Entry
cherry gill n New Entry
chinquapin n Revised Senses
chinquapin bream n New Entry
chinquapin perch n New Entry
government bream n New Entry
hand-painted bream n New Entry
mason bream n New Entry
redgill n Revised Entry
river bream n New Entry
swiftwater bream n New Entry
willow bream n New Entry