swiftwater bream

swiftwater bream n

A sunfish n 1a: appar either the red-breasted sunfish n 1 or the red-eared sunfish n 1.

2009 in 2016 DARE File—Internet nwFL, We have them here in NW FL and they are called river brim, swift water brim, willow Brim and Red Bellies. Theres a strain of them in the Ochalockne River that will get over a pound . . looks a little more like a blue gill but has big mouth, long ear, streaked jaws. 2010 Ibid swGA, I’m eager to check them out and try them on some swiftwater bream and black crappie. 2013 Ibid swAL, [Resp to photo of what appears to be Lepomis megalotis or L. marginatus:] Alway[s] called them chinquapin bream, swift water bream, or pumkinseed. Caught some of the biggest I’ve seen in the upper parts of wrights creek.