redgill n Also redgill bream Cf bluegill n 1, cherry gill n

= red-eared sunfish n 1.

1877 Thomasville Times (GA) 5 May [2]/4 (, There is a slat off the bottom of the fish box and the hundred bream and red-gills have been deliberately returned into the lake, as fast as caught! 1883 Ibid 12 May 1/6, There is only one thing about it [=Thomasville] I do not like. The red gill bream never bite while you are in town. 1884 Trenton Times (NJ) 17 Apr 3/3 GA, The popular idea of fine fishing [in GA] is to find a lot of “red-gills,” when they’re “bedding” (i. e., spawning . . ), and then yank them out of the water with a cod hook tied to a string and a stiff bean pole as fast as ever they can yank. 1939 Washington C.H. Rec.–Herald (OH) 28 Aug 3/6, A new stream-lined 1939-model fish for Ohio anglers has been successfully introduced in the state by the State Division of Conservation and Natural Resources . . . The fish is known as the redear sunfish or redgill, shellcracker or stump-knocker. 1962 Burnet Bulletin & Bertram Enterprise (Burnet TX) 10 May 9/3, The man that operates the Fish Hatchery . . decided to show us different kinds of fish: channel catfish, bass, sunfish, red gill, blue gill, perch and blue cat. 1968 DARE FW Addit cAR, This fish [=shellcracker] is called red-eared sunfish (occasionally) or redgill in central Arkansas. 1989 Hannah Boomerang 29 MS, It was a redgill. A shellcracker. The biggest bream I’d ever seen. 2000 Field & Stream Feb 107, [Advt:] Live Game Fish— . . Muskies, Red Gills, Mullets, Carp. . . Zetts Fish Hatcheries . . Drifting, PA.