river bream

river bream n chiefly FL

A sunfish n 1a: usu the red-breasted sunfish n 1. Note: It is unclear whether quot 1936 belongs here or not; river bream may be a casual collocation rather than a fixed compound.

1936 Blytheville Courier News (AR) 4 June 6/3, Most anglers have had fair to good luck, but have found the crappie temperamental and the bass inclined to ignore all bait. Some big river bream have been taken, too. 1959 News Tribune (Ft. Pierce FL) 18 Dec 11/3, Actually, a stumpknocker is a small bream, or bluegill, known in some circles as the river bream. 1983 Playground Daily News (Ft. Walton Beach FL) 2 Sept sec B 9/1, Douglas Landing (Dead Lakes): . . The best action should be in river bream, catfish and shellcrackers. 1999 Field & Stream July 73 FL, Red-breasted bream, or river bream, were a favorite sport fish here, and the flatheads have really hit them hard. 2014 in 2016 DARE File—Internet nwFL, [Resp to photo of what appears to be Lepomis auritus:] Looks like what we call a “River Brim” or “Swift Water Brim” & “Red Belly.” 2016 Ibid FL, Sunfish, Redbreast (River Bream/Redbelly)—The Redbreast Sunfish is brightly colored Sunfish found in backwaters or rivers with sandy bottoms and slow moving water.