chinquapin bream

[Note: Parts of former chinquapin B6 were incorporated into this entry.]

chinquapin bream n chiefly LA, MS Cf chinquapin n B6, chinquapin perch n b

= red-eared sunfish n 1 or occas a similar sunfish n 1a of the genus Lepomis.

1953 Hattiesburg Amer. (MS) 11 May sec II 2/4, The lake . . will be stocked with bass, bluegill and chinquapin bream. 1968 DARE (Qu. P1, . . Freshwater fish . . good to eat) Inf LA15, Chinquapin bream or chinquapin—same fish as the one called shell-cracker in Florida. 1969 Laurel Leader–Call (MS) 20 Jan [9]/4 (, An estimated 200,000 fingerling blue gill and red ear (chinquapin) bream were freed from the U.S. Fish Hatchery at Lyman this week. 1969 Monroe News–Star (LA) 24 Jan sec A 13/1, Lake St. John at Waterproof-Ferriday. White perch, chinquapin bream best. 1977 Ruston Daily Leader (LA) 29 Apr 5/3, Lake D’Arbonne— . . crappie are taking shiners and jigs and chinquapin bream are being caught on small crawfish, crickets and worms. 1992 Delta Democrat–Times (Greenville MS) 10 May sec D 8/2, They caught 45 or 50 in a 50-yard area, including two chinquapin (red ear) bream weighing an even pound, which is huge for a bream. 2009 in 2016 DARE File—Internet MS, OK, you older guys, what’s the OLD South Mississippi term for shellcrackers?? [Resp:] Chinquapin Bream. 2013 Ibid UT, Redear sunfish are also great eating. My dad and grandpa used to call them chinquapin bream. Ibid swAL, [Resp to photo of what appears to be Lepomis megalotis or L. marginatus:] Alway[s] called them chinquapin bream, swift water bream, or pumkinseed.