chinquapin n Usu |ˈčɪŋkəˌpɪn, čɪn-, -kɪ-|; less freq |ˈčiŋ-, šɪŋ, -ki-, -pɛn|; rarely |ˈčɪkpɪn|; for var spp see quots [Of Algonquian origin; see quot 1907 and W3]

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B  Senses.

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5 = crappie n. Cf chinquapin perch n a

1947 Dalrymple Panfish 84 (DA), Here, my friend, are the various names by which you would address that little gamester, the Crappie, depending on where you happened to be at the moment: Bachelor, . . Chinquapen, Chinquapen Perch, Crapet, . . Sand Perch. 1952 Wilson Daily Times (NC) 9 July 6/4, Odell Ballance of Wayne county has landed the largest perch. His catch was a crappie perch (chinquapin) and it weighed one pound, 10 ounces.

6  also chink, chinq: = red-eared sunfish n 1. chiefly LA Cf chinquapin bream n, chinquapin perch n b

1957 Monroe News–Star (LA) 2 Aug sec A 9/2, Bill Minor said the bream were biting pretty good on Black Bayou . . and Sam Ruffino of Monroe caught about 30 chinkapins. 1960 Jennings Daily News (LA) 8 Apr 5/4, Two species [of bream] share the bulk of our fishing pressure—the bluegill; and the fish known variously as the chinkapin, Mason Bream, shellcracker, and red-ear. 1967 DARE Tape LA5, They have these . . [ˈčɪkpɪn]. They just little ol’ red perch. They don’t get as big as the goggle-eyed do. 1968 DARE (Qu. P1, . . Freshwater fish . . good to eat) Inf LA15, Chinquapin bream or chinquapin—same fish as the one called shellcracker in Florida; LA26, Chinquapin = red-eared sunfish. 1977 Ruston Daily Leader (LA) 28 Apr 7/1, The chinquapins usually come first. Also known as red-ears or shell-crackers, these panfish will often stir up the lake bottom to the point that locating beds is no problem for the angler. . . While several varieties of bream inhabit our region, “chinks” and bluegills claim top billing. 2008 in 2016 DARE File—Internet csLA, According to Dr. Neil Douglas . . , “Mason bream” refer to redear sunfish, or “chinquapins” as some of us are prone to call them. 2011 Ibid eTX, Chinquapin, and sac-a-lait are about all I care to catch any more. 2012 Ibid LA, That my man is a Red Ear, us boys from Louisiana callem Chinquapins. . . mighty fine table fare and a blast to catch. 2014 Ibid cnLA, Crickets for bream[,] red worms on the bottom for chinqs. . . When I’m targeting chinqs I tightline worms on the bottom just like cat fishing but downsized.