chinquapin perch

[Note: Sense a incorporates parts of former chinquapin B5 entry.]

chinquapin perch n

Any of several freshwater fishes of the family Centrarchidae, as:

a A crappie n. LA, NC ?old-fash Cf chinquapin n B5

1865 Norris Amer. Angler’s Book 112 LA, Pomoxis hexacanthus: Cuvier. . . This graceful fish is known by the creoles of Louisiana as the “Sac-à-Lai,” where it is also sometimes called “Chinkapin Perch.” 1887 Goode Amer. Fishes 71, Pomoxys annularis. . . is also called “Sac-a-lait” and “Chinquapin Perch” in the Lower Mississippi. 1892 Forest & Stream 38.151 NC, Students will be puzzled with the local synonymes. . . Millpond flier is an expressive name for the croppie, which is also known as a chinquapin perch, speckled perch, silver perch, goggle-eye and several other aliases. 1925 Gastonia Daily Gaz. (NC) 12 Aug 8/4, No fish shall be taken from the above named waters any season of the year of less size than herein mentioned. . . Bluegills, 5 inches. Sand Perch, 6 inches. Chinquapin Perch, 6 inches. Goggle-eyed, 6 inches. White Perch, 8 inches. 1944 Statesville Daily Rec. (NC) 1 Mar [8]/7 (, Creel Limits: . . Crappie (Speckled or Chinquapin Perch) 20. 1957 Salina Jrl. (KS) 16 June 17/4 LA, In one central Louisiana Lake, there are crappie that the natives call “chinquapin” perch and I’ve never seen bigger perch of any variety. They’re speckled and the spots on them look like chinquapins which is a nut of the chestnut variety.

b A sunfish n 1a of the genus Lepomis, now usu the red-eared sunfish n 1. chiefly LA Cf chinquapin n B6, chinquapin bream n

1884 Goode Fisheries U.S. 1.xiii, The Chinquapin Perch, Lepomis punctatus (C. and V.) Jordan. . . [C]ollected in Florida. 1979 Field & Stream Apr 80 LA, Redears, called “chinquapin perch” in Louisiana, often congregate by thousands for spawning. 2011 in 2016 DARE File—Internet LA, The newly filled lake was stocked with tiny bluegill and “chinquapin” perch (redear sunfish or “shellcracker” to those of us outside Louisiana), and shortly thereafter, Florida-strain largemouth bass. 2012 Ibid eTX, Any of them have red behind that black dot and fight like hell? If so. . . it may be what we call chinquapin perch or red ear sunfish.