boilo n ePA

A kind of alcoholic punch, usu served hot.

1934 (1947) O’Hara Appointment 80 cePA, In all the houses in the patches the curtains were down, and the hunkeys, the schwackies, the roundheaders, the broleys . . probably were inside getting drunk on boilo. Boilo is hot moonshine, and Ed did not approve of it, because if the schwackies once stopped drinking boilo, they would drink his stuff. 1945 Papashvily–Papashvily Anything 175 cePA, Kathleen Patrickovna opened her suitcase and took out a bottle full of honey-colored something. “Boilo. It’s a drink. Wonderful.” 2012 Bedford Gaz. (PA) 26 Dec 6/2 cePA, The invention of Lithuanian immigrants, boilo shares ingredients with krupnikas, a traditional spiced honey liquor that has been consumed in Lithuania and Poland (where it is called krupnik) for centuries. 2016 DARE File—Internet ePA [CoalSpeak], Boilo: a popular homemade Yuletide beverage. Ingredients include orange and lemon juice, honey, cloves, caraway seeds, and large amounts of whiskey. Served hot in shot glasses. Many families have their own particular recipes. . . “C’mon over da house after Midnight Mass and have some boilo!”