blue root

blue root n sAppalachians

An unidentified edible green.

1988 Foxfire 22.3.173 sAppalachians, What I look forward to in the spring hain’t garden sass. Hit’s wild greens. . . What you want to look for is plantain, bird’s-toe, fiddleheads, speckled dick and sour dick, mouse’s ear, lamb’s-quarter, hen pepper, blue root, creases, polk, shawnee, wild lettuce, wagon wheel, wooly breeches, and blue thistle. 2003 (2015) Barnes Journey 2 csKY (as of 1930s), We knew about 20 different kinds of plants that could be used for greens, including wild lettuce, dock, blue thistle, blue root, speckled Betsy, polk, sheep’s shank, and more. We would each try to fill our sack first. 2005 (2006) Crowe Zoro’s Field 136 cwNC (as of c1980), The talk was about gardening, mountain farming, and the old days—of garden sass and wild greens, bird’s toe, fiddleheads, speckled dick and lamb’s-quarter, mouse’s ear, blue root, hen pepper, and wooly breeches.