bowery dance

bowery dance n chiefly N Cent (exc KY), Upper MW old-fash

A dance held in a bowery n1.

1866 Jackson Daily Citizen (MI) 13 Jan 2/3 (as of 1864), In the evening a Bowery dance graces the occasion. 1876 Spirit L. Beacon (IA) 29 June [3]/3 (, Uncle Steve Inman wishes to inform the public, that he will operate a bowery dance on the picnic grounds the Fourth. . . He promises good arrangements, with plenty to eat. 1894 Defiance Eve. News (OH) 9 Aug [5]/4 (, Defiance has a bowery, and last night it had a bowery dance.. 1906 Eau Claire Leader (WI) 2 Aug 3/1, The disturbance took place at a bowery dance that was being held by the young people near the Diamond Valley creamery. 1927 Estherville Enterprise (IA) 7 Sept 1/3, The fact that it rained here on Labor Day caused the committee on the dance to lose the proceeds to assist in financing the celebration. . . However, it was thought advisable to run a bowery dance on Friday evening. The big platform on Seventh street has been left down. 1935 Oelwein Daily Reg. (IA) 18 July 4/3, The Fairbank Firemen had a bowery dance two miles southwest of town Tuesday night. 1936 Lutes Country Kitchen 159 sMI, They would stay for the bowery dance in the evening. 1951 in 1965 DARE File cwWI, Bowery dance. . . “Young people of neighborhood lay a board floor out under the trees, erect a roof frame over it and roof it with boughs, and give free dances with beer; collection paid for fiddler and beer, and what was left over paid the cleaner-uppers.” 1963 WI State Jrl. (Madison) 30 Aug sec 1 2/4, Avoca—Two days of fun-filled activities will be held during the annual picnic and homecoming celebration. . . Sunday—girls’ and men’s softball games, two Ben Borger stage shows; Avoca Aquanauts waterskiing show; and a bowery dance. 1967 DARE (Qu. FF4, . . Kinds of dancing parties) Inf IA9, Bowery dances—held outdoors on a platform on 4th of July. 1993 Dickinson Press (ND) 2 July sec B 2/2, [Advt:] Rodeo Starts 6:30 P.M. . . 8:30 P.M. Old Fashioned Family Bowery Dance at the Rodeo Grounds.