willow bream

willow bream n

A sunfish n 1a: appar either the longear sunfish n 1 (here: Lepomis megalotis) or the red-breasted sunfish n 1.

1913 Harris Joe Book Farmer 235 MS, The fish was yellow on the belly and dark above, with deep-blue side-fins and blue gills—a beautiful specimen. . . “That is what we call the willow bream, Tom.” 1980 Playground Daily News (Ft. Walton Beach FL) 11 July sec A 12/1, Yellow River. . . Big goggle eyes caught in river and lakes along with shellcrackers and willow bream. 2013 in 2016 DARE File—Internet nwFL, [Resp to photo of what appears to be Lepomis megalotis or L. marginatus:] I think you are right “longear sunfish”. “willow bream” is a local name I heard as a boy from more than one person. Ibid nwFL, The Flat Heads are not native to this area. . . Has played havoc with the “River Brim” (some call them Red Bellies & Willow Brim).