bottomy adj Also river-bottomy

Having the nature of a bottom n 1a; low-lying, alluvial.

1878 Hist. Jasper Co. IA 248, The soil [of NE] is very various, but consisting chiefly of rich, bottomy loam, admirably adapted to the raising of heavy crops of cereals. 1889 Homestead 23 Aug 2/2 IA, Our college farm. . . is springy, gravelly, creeky, hilly, sandy, bottomy, with some good prairie. It was selected . . so as to give scope for the improvement it needed. 1921 Washington Democrat (IN) 30 Dec 3/3, Whenever we want to know anything . . from how to give river bottomy fertility to Joe Ryan’s farm to the best butter color to disguise our oleomargarine all we have to do is to write our questions to Purdue and we get the facts at once. 1967 DARE (Qu. I46, . . Kinds of fruits that grow wild around here) Inf AL15, Mayhaw—tree fruit—[as big as] end of thumb—[grows] on bottomy place.