Quarterly Update 8, Spring 2017

What do you call the small, freshwater crayfish around here? Apparently, many things! Quarterly Update 8 is full of crawdaddies, crawcrabs, crawjinnies, and other variants that we hope don’t stick in your craw. If they do, you can wash them all down with some boomba or cane beer. Though this may inflict you with the simples and turn your ordinary event into a bounce-around (party). We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we hope this update is one to brag on! Note: Clickable links have been added to some entries; they will either take you to entries here on our website or to Digital DARE, where subscription-level access may sometimes be necessary to see the full entry.

Headword Part of Speech Update Type
barn ball n Revised Sense, New Sense
barn tick n New Entry
bear’s lettuce n New Entry
boomba n New Entry
bounce-around (party) n New Entry
brag on v phr Revised Sense, New Sense
breaker n Revised Sense
breath harp n Revised Sense
brenth n Revised Entry
brick mush n New Entry
brickle adj Revised Senses
briggle v Revised Sense, New Sense
bronco n Revised Entry
broomball n Revised Entry
buck n4 Revised Entry
budge adj Revised Entry
cane beer n Revised Entry
cane skimmings n pl New Entry
craw n2 New Entry
crawcrab n New Entry
crawdab n New Entry
crawdad n Revised Sense
crawjinny n New Entry
crawldad n New Entry
crawlfish n New Entry
crawpappy n New Entry
crowdad n Revised Entry
deer-tongue n New Sense
groundhog salad n Revised Entry
hoe n Revised Sense
simples n pl New Sense, Revised Sense
speed breaker n, also attrib Revised Entry