crawlfish n [By folk-etym from crawfish n B1; cf crawl crab (at crawcrab n), crawldad n]

= crawfish n B1.

1898 Scandia Jrl. (KS) [26 Aug 8]/3, Revolutions never go backward but a crawl fish does. 1907 Burlington Hawk-Eye (IA) 12 Dec 8/2, Of the 28,000 acres, perhaps one-quarter of it is swamp land, mosquitoes and crawl-fish being the sole crop. 1973 Vidette–Messenger (Valparaiso IN) 15 May 15/5 MO, Crawlfish are also fine bait for game fish. Crawlfish are found in and around the rocky sections of small streams. 1977 Alton Telegraph (IL) 27 June sec B 10/5, [Advt:] Crawl Fish and Turtles—commercial fisherman will pay for information to seine for small crawl fish, also turtles. 2013 Frederick News–Post (MD) 16 Nov sec C 8/2, [Advt:] Minow & crawl fish traps.