brenth n [Engl dial; var of breadth, by assoc with lenth (var of length n)] esp PA

1724 in 1908 Manchester NH Hist. Assoc. Coll. 5.52, Also voted the same day that their shall be aschol house built in this town, the demension of sd house is to be sixtine foot Long and twelve foot Brenth. 1791 Federal Gaz. & Philadelphia Daily Advt. (PA) 2 May [3]/1, [Advt:] A certain . . Lot or Piece of Ground . . containing in brenth on Front street aforesaid about 18 feet and 6 inches, and continues that brenth westward 120 feet, where it wideneth to the northward to the breadth of 28 feet and 6 inches, and continueth that breadth further westward 26 feet. 1829 Kirkham Engl. Grammar 192 PA, Vulgarisms. . . Common . . in Pennsylvania. . . strenth [for] strength[,] lenth [for] length[,] brenth [for] breadth. 1843 Hall New Purchase 1.135 IN, In a few moments . . it was decided that the old Achates had “the shortest string by near about half the brenth of his bullit!” 1917 Warren Eve. Times (PA) 7 Dec 3/5, “Well, it’s begun” said Auntie McGuire in a tragic tone, “It’s begun, and it’s ended, too, and that’s th’ hull lenth and brenth of it.” 1963 in 1982 Barrick Coll. sePA, Brenth—width or breadth. 1970 Ibid.