[Note: Parts of this entry were previously at crawdad.]

crawpappy n [Var of crawdad n 1 (understood as craw + dad father) on the basis of pappy n 1] chiefly Ozarks old-fash

= crawfish n B1.

1921 McClure’s Mag. Sept 27 cwMO [Black], “Crawpappies!” the rival was calling. “Nice, big juicy, craw-w-w-pappies! . . Innian Crick crawpappies! Nice ’n’ hot!” 1923 DN 5.204 swMO, Craw dad. . . Also Craw dab, Craw pappy. 1931 Randolph Ozarks 99, I have known hillmen to spend hours and even days in searching the rivers for large “craw-pappies” in order to get the two circular “lucky-bones” found in their bodies, which are carried in the pocket to ward off syphilis. 1938 Joplin Globe (MO) 18 May 8/3, Those Joplin sportsmen who last year ordered all those crawfish for a trip on the Arkansas White river Monday and who still are awaiting favorable stream conditions, still have the craw-pappies iced down. 1964 Ada Eve. News (OK) 8 Nov 12/1, Joe Bryan and Odis Carter have the number on black bass at Texoma. They use crawdads and average about a bass per crawpappy. 1966 DARE (Qu. P19, . . Small, freshwater crayfish) Inf OK52, Crawpappy.