bounce-around (party)

bounce-around (party) n Also bounce-about [See quot 1911] obs

= play-party n.

1884 New Castle Courier (IN) 18 Jan [8]/1 (, A social “bounce around” was enjoyed at the Tykle Monday night. 1907 Star (Kansas City MO) 4 Jan 8/5 neMO, Olmar Spurling gave to a number of his friends Thursday night a kissing and bounce-around party. A dandy good time was had by all present. 1911 Jrl. Amer. Folkl. 24.297 MO (as of 1880s), The playing [at a play-party] was generally started by a song that went like this: . . We come here to bounce around. . . The parties took their name later from this song. In a few years this kind of party was dying out in most places. In our neighborhood it gave way to a much milder sort of party, known as a “social.” To distinguish the play-party from the “social,” it was called a “bounce-around.” 1933 AmSp 8.4.48 NE [Pioneer vocabulary], The settlers’ amusements were generally dances, shindigs, hops, hoedowns, farm dances, play-parties, sometimes called bounce-arounds or bounce-abouts.