broomball n esp Nth Cf DCan (and quot 1904 below for earlier Canadian evidence)

A game similar to hockey, usu played on ice, in which players (with or without skates) try to drive a ball into the opposing team’s goal using a broom or special broom-like stick; now esp a formalized version of this game governed by national and international organizations.

1896 NY Times (NY) 24 March 6/5, To-morrow evening the Ice Palace team play the Clifton polo team. . . A match of broom ball is on for Friday, and on Saturday there will be a two-mile handicap skating race. 1898 Philadelphia Inquirer (PA) 14 Dec 4/2, A large crowd is expected to see the game of broom ball between the University of Pennsylvania regulars and substitutes. . . Some of the University men are well-known skaters. [1904 Manitoba Morning Free Press (Winnipeg) 17 Feb 5/2 Canada, A fancy dress carnival will be held in the Citizens’ rink to-night. . . [A]n exhibition game of “broom-ball” will be played by the Palace and Brookside hockey teams.] 1906 Bureau Co. Tribune (Princeton IL) 23 Nov 7/1, [Advt:] It is proposed to manage the roller skating rink just as they are managed in New York and Chicago, giving a good show each night in addition to the skating. The attractions will [include] . . Broom ball with mother’s broom. 1909 Albuquerque Morning Jrl. (NM) 25 Feb 8/2, The game of broom ball at the skating rink last night resulted in a score of 9 to 0 in favor of the “Blues.” 1921 Sanitary & Heating Engin. 96.177 neNJ, North Hudson Master Plumbers Have Ideal Day for Outing. . . The salesmen won the baseball game and tug-o’-war. Charles Leeger . . headed the broom ball team that defeated C. Westervelt’s team. 1929 Waterloo Eve. Courier & Waterloo Daily Reporter (IA) 7 Mar 2/2, Rotary vs. Lions Broomball Game Tomorrow Night. . . The three 10-minute periods of the broomball game will be played before and in the intermissions of the hockey game. 1940 Bakersfield Californian (CA) 21 Nov 13/4, Formation of a “broomball” league in Bakersfield appeared imminent last night. . . Broomball is the beginner’s closest approach to hockey, except that the tools are a broom and a large rubber ball rather than stick and puck. 1967 DARE (Qu. EE27, Games played on the ice) Inf MN11, Broomball—similar to hockey, players don’t wear skates and use brooms and a ball. 1969 Biddeford–Saco Jrl. (ME) 25 Feb 5/3, Last night the Biddeford fire department broomball team tied Joe’s Donut Shop . . at the Saint Louis skating rink. 1984 Walla Walla Union–Bulletin (WA) 26 Oct mag sec 2/3, Broomball exhibition—This slightly unusual sport, played on ice with a broomball stick, a ball and broomball shoes, is sweeping its way into Walla Walla this weekend with an exhibition game. 2005 DARE File cwMN, The kids here play broom ball on the ice. They don’t wear skates, but slide on their shoes. They take an old broom and trim off most of the bristles so the broom part is only a few inches long. They choose up sides and see who gets the ball in the goal. 2009 Capital Times (Madison WI) 14 Jan mag sec 30/1, Kollenbroich helps orchestrate friendly pickup broomball games. . . The required equipment includes—you guessed it—a broom, a ball and, if you’re keeping score, two 6-foot goals at each end of a loosely defined rink. 2013 Altoona Mirror (PA) 15 Jan sec D 2/3, Join in on a game of broom ball. Goals, brooms and a ball will be available. Wear your ice skates or try it out with your boots on.