boomba n Also boombah, bumba [Polish bomba bomb, pint (of beer)] esp Detroit MI

A large beer glass; a serving of beer in such a glass.

1970 Annis Detroit 67, Schlitz on tap, in large round glasses called boombas (30 cents) is served with meals. 1975 Oshkosh Advance–Titan (WI) 1 May 3/2, [Advt:] Bumba—22 ounces of Beer—Jog On Over to the Back Door and have a Bumba soon. 1998 Leary WI Folkl. 380 nw, cWI, Such old country names for beer glasses as stein, shupe, and boomba remain current. 2006 in 2017 DARE File—Internet seMI, While we’re at it another location to purchase the Hamtramck Citizen is Polish Village. . . While you’re at it sit down, have a bumba of beer, a bit to eat and read your Hamtramck Citizen. 2009 Ibid seMI, [Photo caption:] A ‘Boombah’—I guess that means ‘Big Ass Beer Glass’ in Polish. 2011 Ibid seMI, neIL, I also haven’t heard of shells, but Boombas used to be the common term for the large mugs. I’ve also seen them called this in Chicago. 2014 Sun Valley Mag. Summer (Internet) cID, For a late bite to eat, I like the “Le Cab” [La Cabañita] deck, ’cause it stays in the sun longest and you can get flautas for $6 and a “boomba” of beer.