brick mush

brick mush n Cf mush n1 2, scrapple n

Cornmeal mush, sometimes mixed with meat scraps, molded into a block.

1899 Logansport Reporter Weekly (IN) 5 Dec [14]/2 (, [Advt:] Brick mush ready to fry. In pans five cents each. Sixth stret [sic] bakery. 1905 SW Reporter (1st ser) 87.1183 cwMO, Mrs. Bailey was carrying home sundry purchases, to wit, a quart of milk, some “cottosuet,” and wrapped-up parcels of “brick mush,” meat, and cigarettes. 1941 AmSp 16.148 WY, Brickmush is made by mixing corn meal with small pieces of meat (beef) and the addition of enough water to make the corn meal and meat hold firmly together. It is then molded into large square cakes, about one and one half inches thick, and packed in leaves until it is to be used. Before it is eaten the cakes are broken into smaller pieces and softened in a liquid (usually water). Brickmush is used especially by the cowboys and sheep herders of Wyoming since it can be carried so easily and has a high nutritive content. 1967 Iola Reg. (KS) 11 Oct 12/1, [Advt:] Yellow Brick Mush . . Lb. 25c.