deer-tongue n Also deer’s tongue

[. . .]

4 A lettuce saxifrage n (here: Micranthes micranthidifolia).

1899 Plant World 2.198 swPA, Groundhog Salad, Deer Tongue for Saxifraga erosa Pursh. Used as a salad by the country people. The shape of the leaves might suggest the second name. 1939 Medsger Edible Wild Plants 153 sPA, In some of the mountainous sections of southern Pennsylvania, this plant is highly prized by the people. . . There the natives call it “Deer Tongue,” probably from the shape of the leaves. In the springtime, the leaves are carefully gathered and washed, then placed in a stewpan or frying pan where a little bacon or fat salt pork has previously been cut fine and partly cooked.